Rock Day in JAPAN

Today is a 'ROCK DAY'!

Hmm...today is 9th June(6).
In Japanese we prounouce those numbers,


Its so simple isn't it?

And an interesting ranking report has released today.
Accoring to the article most Rock-like artist in Japan is 'Kiyoshiro Imawano' who died last month.



Do you want to use this 'Rock Day' as your marketing or pr ways?

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Weird or not? Special Bra for a women who wants to get married!

Have you ever heard about 'konkatsu bra'?

Ofcourse as you guess,its a kinda 'bra'...yes women's underwear.
But actually its far from SEXY...

In Japanese the word Konkatsu means that women's activity or effort to get a nice husband.I mean 'To get Married'.

For some women,marriage is still really important goal or destination for their life.
So that they have to try to its fullest and their desire and motication are incrediblly strong,sometimes.

Anyway,this bra reflects on one side of Japanses society now.

Konkatsu Bra
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Mother's Day Present Ranking

We just had a Mother's day Yesterday in Japan.
Here is a ranking that what do you want to present for your mom.
Is there any specialities?

4:Potted Plant
6:Under Wear

But actually,what the mothers want to get is...


Data Source:http://www.hahanohi.info/ranking.html

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BRAND JAPAN 2009 By Nikkei BP Consulting

Here's the newest report about the power of brand held by Nikkei BP Consulting.
This survey has been taking by that company and this year Toyota got the first prize again.

Brand Japan 2009 By Nikkei BP Consulting Launched on April 17th


Rank (last year)
1(1) Toyota
2(6) Panasonic
3(2) Honda
4(3) Sony
5(4) Nintendo
6(5) Google
7(10) Sharp
8(9) Micro Soft
9(7) Canon
10(8) Apple
11(12) Nissan
12(23) Nissin Foods
13(16) Kirin
14(17) Suntory
15(14) Asahi Beer
16(50) Softbank Mobile
17(21) Japanet Takata
18(33) Kao
19(35) Seven & i Holdings
19(15) Yahoo


1(1) Nintendo
2(11) Google
3(4) Sony
4(2) Studio GHIBLI
5(10) Panasonic
6(5) Nintendo DS
7(12) UNIQLO
8(8) SHARP
10(17) Windows

Mr Katahira who is the chairman of this Brand Japan survey says that consumers put a high eveluation on casual brands like UNIQLO and IKEA.We call this situation 'Small happiness'.That means that consumers seek more smaller size happiness which fit into their financial situation.

Under this hardest economic situation,here in Japan as well,people tends to spend more time at home with less money.
Or people noticed that they can make their life meaningful and happier by themselves by using their ideas and imaginations or creativities ,not by simply spending more money.

Is this a good trend for companies or not?
It just depends on whether they can catch this change or not...

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Tea Ceremony Deliovery Service

Tea ceremony might be the most popular Japanese experience for visitors.Because of this limited chance,visitors somehow try to get this experience.
But even in Japan,It's not easy to find the place where we can have a tea ceremony normally.
Sometimes,at temples or community centers,tea associations have a seasonal tea ceremony for public,though.

Well...so what should we do when we want to have tea ceremony soon or the day we prefer.
The answer is that we just order a tea ceremony!!

Relax Office in kawasaki,kanagawa launched this delivery service.And it became popular among foreigners and also as a welfare program.

The company developed an movable tea ceremony unit with tatami so that they can serve traditional tea ceremony anywhere.

More info: http://www.relaxoffice.jp/

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Do you know 'FUNDOSHI'?

Fundoshi(loin cloth) is a traditional under wear for males in Japan.And usually it made from a length of cotton.
Their history was long and before World War II the fundoshi was the main form of underwear for Japanese adult males.

Nowadays, the fundoshi is mainly used not as usual underwear but as special festival clothing (matsuri) or, sometimes, as swimwear.

There are several types of fundoshi, including rokushaku, kuroneko, mokko and echyuu.By the way,Mawashi which is used for sumo is also special type of fundoshi.

Today,Fundosi(Pandol shorts) has become popular among young Japanese females.
There are several types of clothes and fasionable design.It might be an interesting Christmas Present??

*Fundoshi Web Shop

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Japanese most popular words of 2008

Publishing company Jiyu Kokuminsha has launched most popular Japanese words and phrases of the year 2008.

This prize chooses new words and the vogue words which were able to enliven an eye,mouth and ears of public by its expression and the nuance which pointed out social conditions from the various words that occurred during one year.
In addition, a person or a group concerned with words deeply every year is choosen for this award as well.

This prize is often considered that it is used for one index to reflect social conditions of the present age.

The words that were chosen as annual grand prix of this year are...'Gu〜!' and 'Arafo'.

Here's some ideas to understand the meaning of those two new and trendiest words.


  A famous ccomedienne called EdoHarumi used this word as one
of her popular gag.She emphasizes the end of a word of words
by saying 'Gu〜!(グー)' with her certain gesture and
cosutume originally.
As you guess,this word is made from the english 'good'.


The word“Arafo'' means females between the ages of 35 to
45.The word is originally came from the word“Around 40”.

'Around 40' was the tittle of a famous TV drama that
depicts the lovelife,career,marriage,childbirth and various
feelings including some worries and conflicts of the
generation, especially single woman.
Now people uses the word ''Arasa'' which means ''Around 30'
as well.

The interesting thing is that the etymology of two words is English.Well I dont mean its not proper or something bad.I know this prize choses the NEW and popular words.

And one more typical feature is that Edoharumi is exactly 'Arafo' generation.So we can say that here in Japan,the year 2008 was a year for 'Arafo'.

What happens next...?

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3000yen Ramen !!!??

Expensive or Not!!??

What's the difference between ultimate 3000yen Ramen and normal Ramen?

In Japan, speaking of ramen, it is a representative of the food of the common people.
Well...I've been thinking so at least.
But at the same time,I notice that the price of Ramen has been becoming higer gradually.
In my childhood....well I rarely went to the Ramen shop though...but for me the average Ramen price was 500yen or so.
But now,mostly it costs me 800yen to 1000yen.

But Here in Japan we have a 3000yen Ramen now!!

The Ramen restaurant called Fujimakigekijou(藤巻激城)」 in Nakameguro,Tokyo opened two years ago.
The chef Fujimaki started his career as chef when he was 16.
Then he opened his first ramen restaurant in Ikejiri,Setagaya.
The shope became famous so quickly and customers had to wait so long.
So Mr.Fujimaki thought that he decided to change the ramen price higher to control the number of customers to solve the problem.
But even after that,his Ramen was too good to reduce customers number.Then finally he decided to close his restaurant once.

After a while he found an idea of new style Ramen shop.
The Fujimakigekijou needs customers to take their reservations first.

・Tomuyamu Gekijou Men 3000yen
・Tomuyamu Hyojou Men 3000yen *summer time only
・Tomuyamu Koutei Men 10000yen *need reservation 3days before

How about trying this premium Ramen for your special date ??


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The new Rice that matches with western foods, 'Tsuyaotome SAYA'

Rice is most imporatant and traditional foods in Japan.And there are so many brads of it,for example,'Koshihikari','Akitakomachi','Hitomebore','Sasanishiki' and so on.

Recently one new brand was appeared and it has an interesting feature.The name is 'Tsuyaotome SAYA'.

※Tsuyaotome SAYA:http://www.ricefriend.com/saya/index.html

A producer says that this rice would be a good match with Western Food(Yoshoku) such as humburg,curry or fried dishes.
Maybe the word 'western food' sounds strange.But Japanese really use this word a lot when they call any foods except they consider as Japanese Food(Washoku).

Well...anyway,recently Japanese choose the rice depends on what they cook and eat with it.
Nah Its not true though.
But as I wrote,there were several brands in this market already and among them 'Koshihikari' has pretty strong brand and is well known.
So that 'SAYA' needed some spice to make her debut successful.
And the strategy was...she is 'western'.

How about eating 'SAYA' with a Steak dinner?
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How to send a post card to friends from SNS??

Here in Japan,we do send New year's Greeting Post Card to friends,co-workers,families or to even cutomers and clients as well.Recently online based greeting cards services have become more popular and we use them on friend's B-day,Halloween day ,Chiristmas day and so on.

Its easy to imagine that writing and sending lots of New Years's Greeting Cards is pretty hard work for most of Japanese people..as they grow up or as their community and netowork become bigger,they have to prepare tons of those cards.Annoying!

BTW,this custom is still popular in Japan but also at the same time,some people stopped doing this anymore or some just cant do it.


Because,recently we use e-mails to communicate with friends.
And also when we meet a new person,then we simply just ask their e-mail(especially cell phone's one) and start contacting each other by using short mails.
Sometimes we even dont need their phone number.
So we dont know their personal informations such as their home address so much...
Thats why we cant send the new years card to their home simply.

But we Japanese dont need to worry about it anymore.
If we only knew their address,if we had connections or were in a same network on the site called mixi!;the famous SNS site in japan,then we can send a post card to our friends.

The system is so simple and supported by Japan Post Service and mixi.
First users choose a reciever:friend whom they want to send a real post card from their communities and groups or network lists.
Second they choose a card design which they want to send and write messages down.
After that,through the SNS's system,the notification messages will deliver to recievers.If the recievers accept the card request,then they input their real name and home address.
After that,the post card will deliver safely by Japan Post Service.
A normal post card costs 98yen each and a card with company's advertisement costs 48yen.

Service will be avairable from end of November to end of January.

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